Singh Ishmeet

Advisor, Consultant

New Delhi, India


<p>My name is Ishmeet Singh and I have over twelve years of extensive global experience as a technology consultant. I am a Blockchain specialist and a seasoned financial technology professional. I have built technology products for Fortune 500 companies like MasterCard, MetLife and Adobe. As a young entrepreneur, I have also built and scaled data-driven, intelligent technology platforms for hedge funds, finance, e-commerce, travel and healthcare companies. After graduating with a degree in Electronics Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev University, India I began my career with Wipro Technologies in 2006. As one of the youngest software developers leading a team of 14 members, I played a critical role in executing several projects for companies in the United States and Canada. Some of these projects were in the field of artificial intelligence and cryptography. My mission is to help startups solve complex business challenges by applying fact-based analysis to develop a strategic vision for the future. My expertise is in developing a scalable operating model and practical strategy implementation. I also consult and advise a range of multi-million-dollar companies and startups on the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and Blockchain to solve real world problems.</p>

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