• What are the ways I can increase my ranking as an advisor?
    There are a few ways:
    1. Be the first person from a team to publish an ICO on our platform.
    2. Share posts on social media everyday (3 times per day).
    3. Completing the extended Advisor profile.
  • What are the ways I can increase my ranking as an ICO?
    our ranking is heavily derived from your ICOs placement on the advisor listing page. You can also gain more points for completing our KYC process, and completing the extended ICO profile.
  • Can I pay to increase my ranking?
    No. While you can pay to complete an extended profile for yourself or as an ICO, this is for advertisement purposes and to build exposure on your personal page; it’s not built to increase rankings.
  • Do advisors have to pay to be on the website?
    There is no cost associated with being a member on our website. While you can pay to purchase an extended profile, it is not a requirement to join.
  • How can you get in contact with us?
    You can email us at __________.