How To ICOs

Our goal is to rank ICOs and advisors in a way that is both transparent and reflective of the advisor’s actual ability. In this pursuit, we keep an honest, fair, and ethical community. Our rankings for ICOs is based on whether you are prominently displayed on your advisor’s page in the first position. Other things that matter is your participation in our KYC protocol, as well as your posts on social media. We are not here to promote a pay-to-play environment in which the ICOs that pay the most money are the ones that are ranked the highest.

ICOs can buy purchase a page for 1 ETH.

ICOs that complete the KYC process will earn 2 points.

ICOs can post news once per day and earn 0.1 point per post.

ICOs cannot submit their projects. This mechanism places an added value on the advisor’s role in the ICO process.